Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough – Oldale Town and Route 103

Welcome back, Trainers! As we continue our journey in the vast world of Pokémon Emerald, we venture north of Littleroot Town to explore Oldale Town and Route 103. Here, you’ll face your first rival battle and learn the basics of Pokémon capture.

Oldale Town and Route 103

1. Arrival in Oldale Town

As you step into Oldale Town, you’ll be greeted by the sight of a Poké Mart and a Pokémon Center – two crucial establishments that will aid your journey. Before you explore, you’ll be approached by an employee from the Poké Mart who will give you a Potion, a useful item that restores your Pokémon’s HP.

2. Learning the Basics at the Poké Mart

Visit the Poké Mart to stock up on essential items. For now, purchase a few Poké Balls – these are essential for catching wild Pokémon. The Poké Mart employee will give you a brief tutorial on how to catch a Pokémon, a skill you’ll need for the road ahead.

3. The Pokémon Center

Next, visit the Pokémon Center to heal your Pokémon after battles. These are found in almost every town and are vital for keeping your Pokémon in fighting shape. You can also access your PC Storage System here to manage your Pokémon roster.

4. Route 103 and the First Rival Battle

Now it’s time to head north to Route 103 for your first rival battle. Walk through the tall grass where you’ll encounter wild Pokémon. Use this opportunity to catch new Pokémon and strengthen your team.

At the end of Route 103, you’ll find your rival. Engage them in battle and apply the techniques you’ve learned. They will use the Pokémon that has a type advantage over your starter, but don’t worry! With clever strategy and the use of a Potion if needed, you can win this battle.

5. Back to Oldale Town and the Journey Ahead

After the battle, return to Oldale Town. Heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center and replenish your supplies at the Poké Mart if needed. It’s time to continue your adventure. Route 102 awaits, teeming with new Pokémon and Trainer battles.

And so concludes your journey through Oldale Town and Route 103 in Pokémon Emerald. Prepare yourself as we head for Petalburg City, and remember, every Trainer started with just one Pokémon and a desire to be the very best.

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