Route 104, Petalburg Woods, and Rustboro City – Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough

Welcome back, Pokémon trainers! Last time, we covered our adventure through Oldale Town and Route 103, where we got our first taste of trainer battles and explored the wonders of the Hoenn region. Today, we’re taking on a new journey through Route 104, braving the dense Petalburg Woods, and finally reaching the bustling Rustboro City. Buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of Pokémon!

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Route 104

Route 104: Trainers, Berries, and More!

After your first gym encounter in Petalburg City, it’s time to head out to Route 104. The route is divided into two parts: the beach to the south and the forested area to the north, separated by the verdant Petalburg Woods.

Southern Route 104

On Southern Route 104, you’ll come across a variety of Pokémon, such as Zigzagoon, Wurmple, and Poochyena. This route is also home to a few trainers ready to test your mettle. Keep your Pokémon healed and ready for action as you might find yourself in a battle unexpectedly!

You’ll find a Potion hidden in a white rock near the water’s edge. Always remember to check around interesting or different-looking landscape features – you never know where a helpful item might be hidden!

This area introduces the Pokémon game mechanic of Berry Trees. You’ll find two Oran Berry trees and one Pecha Berry tree. Berries are incredibly useful items to have on your journey, with different berries offering various effects, like healing your Pokémon or curing them of status conditions. You can also plant berries in the soft loamy soil where the trees grow, water them, and return later to a fully grown Berry tree!

Northern Route 104

Once you’ve explored the southern area, it’s time to venture into Northern Route 104. It has a small pond where you can fish for Pokémon once you have a fishing rod. There’s also a Flower Shop called “Pretty Petal Flower Shop,” where you can learn about Berries and receive the Wailmer Pail, a tool for watering Berry plants.

Into the Wild: Petalburg Woods

After traversing Route 104, we’ll step into Petalburg Woods, a vast forest teeming with bug-type Pokémon. Be sure to bring along Pokémon that can counter bug types, such as fire, flying, or rock-type Pokémon. You’ll also find Shroomish hiding in the tall grass, a grass-type Pokémon that can be valuable for the upcoming gym battle.

Navigating through the woods, you’ll encounter a scientist named Devon being attacked by a member of Team Aqua (or Team Magma, in Pokémon Ruby). After you defeat the enemy, Devon will thank you and give you a Great Ball.

In Petalburg Woods, there’s a hidden Ether you can find by checking a bare patch of ground near the northeastern corner. Also, if you cut down a small tree (once you have the ability to do so), you can pick up a Miracle Seed.

Rustboro City: The Hustle and Bustle

Emerging from Petalburg Woods, we’ll enter Rustboro City, the first major city in the game. Rustboro City is home to the first official gym, the Trainer’s School, and the Devon Corporation.

Rustboro Gym

Rustboro Gym, led by Gym Leader Roxanne, specializes in rock-type Pokémon. Water, grass, and ground types will excel here, so ensure your team is prepared. After defeating Roxanne, you’ll receive the Stone Badge, which allows you to use Cut outside of battle, and TM39 – Rock Tomb.

The Devon Corporation

Don’t miss out on visiting the Devon Corporation, a large business conglomerate known for creating various goods such as Potions and Poké Balls. After completing a small side quest, the president of the Devon Corporation will reward you with an Exp. Share, a crucial item that aids in leveling up your team more efficiently.

Trainer’s School

Last but not least, the Trainer’s School. Here, you can learn the basics of Pokémon battles. Some of the students are eager to battle, providing a great opportunity for training.

After a bustling time in Rustboro City, we are ready to journey forward, heading next towards Route 116 and the Rusturf Tunnel. But that’s a story for another day. Remember, a Pokémon trainer’s journey is about exploration, not just destination. So, take time to explore, train your team, and immerse yourself in the world of Pokémon. Safe travels, trainers, and until next time!

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