Solve Difficult Challenges with Puzzle Games

Puzzle games may not sound very interesting to you, but unlike before, modern puzzle games are known to be visually satisfying, have amazing animations and excellent graphics. Whether you want to cycle your memory or skills, there are traditional and as well as modern puzzle games that will help you feel smarter and quicker. With time, puzzle games have evolved into story-type games that come with difficult challenges.

Poly Art 3D is one such investment puzzle game where you get to solve a 3D puzzle by rotating the pieces. The game features beautiful animations that will keep you connected to the game.

Thrill and mystery are other aspects of puzzle games that can be enjoyed with friends or alone. If the thrill of escape rooms excites you, then check out House of Secrets 3D where you have to solve the mystery of the house in order to escape. If you want to make it even more challenging, play Creepy Granny Scream where you have to escape from a murderer!

Card games have always been popular in the gaming world. These are classic past-time games that have been played through generations. Phase 10, Uno Online and Spider Solitaire are a few of the many card games that keep the mind well exercised.