Play IO Games Online was the first IO game that gained significant popularity after it got launched. This game features a cell that grows by consuming other players. Similarly, the games that were developed after Agar were focused on the game’s mechanics that made it so popular, making io games a whole another genre in the gaming world. is another game that revolves around the same concept, but this time with snakes! There are other growth games like Little Big Snake that take the concept further with new levels and challenges.

Most IO games involve the growth of the character by eating food or players. Your mission is to reach at the top of the leaderboard until you gain the position as the biggest!

Io games usually consist of a large online multiplayer arena that features a points board. The simple mechanics of these games make the gaming experience simple and easy for everyone. This genre has gained a lot of popularity in a short time., and are a few of the latest io games that feature FPS mode for players.