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A broad game category that features a mind-blowing concoction of missions, battles, fighting, wrestling, shooting, carnage, epic adventures, and lots more, action games are favorite among the gaming fandom. Our grand collection of free online games in this category presents the best, popular as well as thrilling new games from this genre that will instantly engross you.

Whether you join a syndicate of criminals and defeat all to reach the top, step into a war zone and explode your obstacles to accomplish targets, hunt down your enemies with stark weapons or get into quick mini battles, all our action games have got the right mixture of thrills and excitement you need for every mood. From toon adventures, real-time strategy games, classic 2D to 3D platform games, you get a lot to do with challenges, simple or the toughest, on

Want to challenge friends? Join in at multiplayer games and dive into the mayhem right in your browser. Fight your way through the combat area in our action-packed free online games, win titles, become an accomplished action games hero, and show your pals the skills you’ve got!

Adrenaline packed Action Games!

Action Games usually involve an element of reaction time and an excellent coordination of your fingers and eyes, so if you want to perform well in the game, you have to make some quick decisions. Some action games include difficult challenges and puzzles that make the game exciting and fun to solve. Quick thinking is an important factor in action games, Vex 4 and Vex 5 are such games that need quick-thinking, great technique, and player coordination to get through the complex levels and structures of the game.

Most Action Games involve heavy shooting and fighting which tests a players’ reflexes and reaction time. Amazing gameplay graphics make action games the most popular games around the world. Play exciting adventure games packed with action or play the role of a professional wrestler and fight with other players in the multiplayer mode. Jump, run, fight, communicate and play the game to test your skills. Choose any of the free action games you like and venture this exciting journey.

You can get the best gaming experience with action games, they are full of adrenaline rush and epic stories right on your screen. Choose from a variety of action packed games to play. Use your mind skills on card games or ignite the sportsman inside you to complete sport challenges. Play in a single mode against a computer controlled player or challenge your friends!