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Friday Night Funkin'(FNF) is a completely different world that is filled with amazing music and challenges. This is a  smash-the-button game that features lots of catchy songs from popular characters known around the world. The same goes for the characters of the game that are quite famous faces. One of the many good things about the FNF Mod series is that you won’t have to worry about the game ending, there are hundreds of mods that wait for you. With each new game, you’ll get to experience a completely new world of characters, songs and challenges. Friday Night Funkin games are very open to its modders and developer community. Thus, you’ll get to play in plenty of fan-made mods that are equally fun to play. Making its first appearance in November 2020, FNF skyrocketed in the world of gamers since it was heavily inspired by the widely popular musical culture, R&B. The first installment of Friday Night Funkin gained extreme levels of success that forced its creators to launch much more difficult and challenging versions.

In the game, you will be mainly taking part in various musical battles with various known personalities. Like in all games, your objective is to defeat them by performing the best! In short, click on the arrow keys of the keyboard at the right time to beat your opponents as well as enjoy the wonders of music!

Friday Night Funkin Mod Games Plot:

The main character of the game is the Boyfriend, who is intensely in love with his beloved girlfriend. But the father of the Girlfriend, aka Daddy Dearest is strictly against this. To impress the girl and his father in law, he has to work on his moves and grooves. Along the game, there will be many obstacles and unusual creatures who’ll come his way. You will be helping the boyfriend overcome all these situations by taking part in musical battles and winning!

Instructions to Play FNF Mods Unblocked:

FNF mods begin with a story and lead to a tutorial, after which you’ll get to choose to play against any character from the Story mode or Free-play mode. You also get an option to choose the level of difficulty as per your experience and skills.

The objective of the game is to perform in various songs and get the beat right. There will be musical battles taking place in rings. Arrows will appear on the main character’s head that need to be matched at perfect timing, a second early or late will cause you to lose the game. There is a progress bar on the corner of the screen that records the number of missed notes, too many will cause it to turn red and you’ll lose while green indicates victory.

There are several levels in the game that are further divided into weeks and dance styles. To reach the last level of the game, you’ll have to improve your performance skills.

If you’re a pure beginner to this game, it is better if you start with the Story play mode. Get to know all the characters and learn their back story. The game tests your reaction skills, as in you how quick your intuition works in pressing the right arrow key at the right moment. This may sound easy, but as you proceed in the game, the combinations of arrows will fly faster with each press.

Story Mode:

In this mode, the players get to select their own choice of levels whose scores are later on combined in a final week score. To summarize, there are a total of 7 weeks and 22 official tracks. Most of these weeks include a new antagonist or a couple of them.

Players also get to choose between the modes of difficulty, from Easy, Normal and Hard.

  • The first one is for the freshers of the game, here you’ll find the speed of the arrows will be very normal and playable. There are only a certain amount of notes to match.
  • Normal mode is for the intermediate players who have got a hold of the game. The speed is just a little bit more than in easy mode. The amount of notes that pass is also decent.
  • Hard mode comes with the highest level of difficulty. If you are up for a challenge, then this mode is perfect for you. The arrows pass at a high speed making it extremely difficult to keep track of them. As compared to the previous two modes, the amount of notes is higher and harder to match.

Free Play Mode:

The second game mode of the series allows its players to select their choice of song. It is the perfect way to practice and perform songs by skipping the earlier ones.

Unlike the Story mode, the tracks are listed in the old to new order and with each week, the background color changes. All the high scores tracked in the Freeplay mode won’t affect the scores tracked in the Story Mode. However, higher scores from either of the modes will be given priority in the end.

FNF Mod Game Characters:

  1. The main hero of the FNF Mod game is the Boyfriend who is an excellent performer! As for every Boyfriend out there, his rival is the EX who is very good at dancing and is a rockstar. As for our beloved, he is a good looking guy who likes to carry a hip-hop look. He wears a white T shirt that goes with a pair of blue jeans, a red cap and blue hair. But the best thing is, every week you get to see him in new dashing clothes!
  2. The second main character of the game is the Girlfriend. She is a beautiful girl who wears a short red dress that goes perfectly with a pair of red shoes. Her hair is brown in color that totally compliments her face and clothing.
  3. Boyfriend considers this character as his enemy, Daddy Dearest. To state the obvious, he is the father of the Girlfriend and father-in-law to the boyfriend. He has also been a rockstar in his life, so he knows how a rockstar leads a life, thus the reason why he is against the couples relationship. But at the end of the day, he is a father and wants to give the boy a chance. Our beloved Boyfriend has to pass all his tests, or else he’ll end up losing the girl! He is a tall man who wears a black suit that contrasts well with his purple skin and dark hair.
  4. The mother of the girl, Mommy Dearest is another important character in FNF Mod that you’ve to impress. She is a good looking woman who carries a tough look. She has beautiful long hair and wears big earrings. Just like her daughter, she also wears a short red dress throughout the game that looks amazing with long heeled boots. But do not underestimate her, she is a goddess when it comes to rhythm battles!
  5. Pico comes in the 3rd week to challenge you in a battle. He is a child but doesn’t look like one, because of his weird look that includes a green T shirt that goes with a pair of brown pants and red sneakers.
  6. Tankman is another fun character of this Friday Night Funkin Mod series that will be introduced to you in the 7th week. He wears a black tank top, a helmet and glasses.

Apart from these characters, there are plenty of others that play an important role in making the game fun and challenging.

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