Venture an Exciting Journey Through Adventure Games

Adventure games are all about making new journeys, places, making friends from around the globe, getting over your fears and more! In the beginning, you’re just getting warmed up for the adventure, but by the time you finish your thrilling journey, you’ll be a new person.

Exploration, discovering new worlds, meeting new players, all this is a part of the thrill of an adventure game! These games don’t always have to be played down on the ground, through a forest or jungle, fighting off enemies or zombies. You could be in the sky, flying through the clouds completing the mission. Here you get to involve yourself in the economic problems of society, make strategic thinking and tackle the issue of your society. If this sounds like the type of adventure you want to venture, then here are a few of the top games you could try. Final Earth 2 is a world-building strategy game that is set in space!

Welcome to Adventure Box is one another adventure game where you have the freedom to roam anywhere. Here you play the role of an explorer who has lost his way in a huge castle. Find your way to a fellow explorer that can help you, but beware of the dangerous monsters around! Test how far this journey can take you and go on this adventurous ride!

Put yourself in the driver’s seat of any vehicle, from motorbikes to monster trucks and speedy supercars. There’s a range of singleplayer and multiplayer driving games for gamers who love to drive!