Challenge Your Friends in Two Player Games

Challenges are fun and exciting as well as skillful and learning. You can either play alone or with a friend in 2 player games. Testing your skills in challenges is an excellent way of growing yourself to the better. This genre includes all kinds of games from fierce sports such as Basketball Stars to calm and relaxing board games and whatever that comes in between. Sports, board, battle and firing games are few types where you can play with a friend.

Fireboy and Watergirl is a known 2 player game that requires coordination and teamwork between players. Each player has to work together and encounter a set of traps and obstacles to get through each level. If your interests are inclined towards shooting games then Rooftop Snipers is among the best games in the genre. Here you have to control a squad of three gangsters whose only aim is to eliminate the enemies with amazing weapons!

Basketball Stars and Basketball Legends fall in the sports genre where you’ll unveil a whole new 2-player experience. Challenge your friends to pull off super dunks and shots with your bobble head characters.

Lastly, there are multiple board games like Spark Chess. There are similar games that allow players to challenge and defeat each other in competitions!